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Jesus' Teaching and Life Student’s Name Institution Jesus' Teaching and Life The teachings about leadership in the book the leadership wisdom of Jesus by Charles Manz cannot be described a religious and preachy book, but as a book that every leader, manager or public servant should read.


The book intends to bring out leaders who are wise and efficient (Manz, 2011). The main objective of the book is to equip leaders or people looking forward to be leaders with ancient wise leadership lessons that has helped to transform the lives of many people. The teachings in this book do not intend to transform leaders into spiritual people, but solely to endow them with leadership wisdom. The teachings of Jesus influenced and changed the lives of many people. He always found a way out to the challenges that are facing humanity today. It is therefore, critical for the leaders of today to think critically and follow the guidance of these teachings in order to be wise and complete leaders. The book focuses on the priorities that many leader hold onto. Their priorities include power, wealth, and control. According to Jesus’ teachings, the people in leadership should not hold on such priorities (Manz, 2011). However, according to Jesus’ teachings, the leaders should focus on humility, molding, consideration, and trust as their trademarks for effective leadership. Such leaders are successful in their services to the people. Such qualities also ensure that such leaders are able to leave a mark in their leadership, the organization, and its followers. ...
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