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Compare/Contrast Religious Ideas of Buddhism - Essay Example

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Compare/Contrast Religious Ideas of Buddhism

Consequently, Gautama renounced his royalty status and resorted into being a monk for the sole aim of understanding the essence of truth from the world. As a means to gain enlightenment Gautama practiced meditation under a ‘bodhi’ tree where he finally realized the true path of freedom from suffering towards salvation. He was henceforth known as “Buddha” or the “Enlightened one” ( Hawkins 35).The basic ideals of Buddhism are centred on four noble truths that are the tenets of Buddha’s doctrines. The First noble ideal is the truth of suffering that recognizes that suffering exists. The second ideal emphasizes on the cause of suffering in which ignorance and desire are identified as the major causes. The third noble ideal teaches on the end of suffering in the world or in the spiritual sense by achieving Nirvana. Consequently, the fourth noble ideal creates the path towards the end of suffering (Hawkins 29). The monastic ideal of Christianity referred to the practice of seclusion from the world for the purpose of spiritual communion with God and the universe (Markus 19). The origin and spread of the practice is attributed to Saint Anthony of Alexandria in Egypt (Markus 19). At the age of fifteen, he decided to start off a life of seclusion in the desert for the next ninety years. During this period he became famous as more and more young men joined him in the desert. The ancient Eastern customs sought divine intervention. Furthermore, such people were referred to as hermits or “desert dwellers” (Hawkins 68)They were considered as holy men by the villagers who offered wise advice to the local villagers. During the spiritual enlightenment process, the hermits would subject their bodies to self punishment such as extreme fasting for the purpose of driving out desires of the flesh and strengthen the spirit. The villagers that sought advice from the hermits would carry offerings of food for them. The basic tenets of Christian monasticism were foremost driven by the belief of eternal life after death by avoiding all evil. Furthermore, the ideal was based on perfection in all actions physical, mental and emotional. Consequently, perfection was based on the religious doctrines of the commandments outlined by the church. Furthermore, the Christian monasticism was based on obedience to the teachings of Jesus Christ, chastity of the body and a lifestyle of poverty. Consequently the staunch adherents became known as monks for males and nuns for females. The basic similarities between the two belief systems were rooted on the lifestyle of seclusion characterized by the denial of worldly pleasures. On the contrary, Buddhism worship pattern was based on spiritual development aimed at achieving nature’s enlightenment. Consequently, there has been global debate on its authenticity as a religion. However, the Christianity monastic belief ideals were rooted on the spiritual connection with God through totally avoiding evil actions and thoughts. Name University Course Instructor Date 2. For what reasons might someone decide to enter the monastic life? What might be the rewards of poverty and spiritual devotion to a person who has grown up in contemporary society? What might be the disadvantages The monastic mode of life is characterized by a life of seclusio ...Show more


Name University Course Instructor Date 1. Compare and contrast the religious ideas of Buddhism that led to monasteries in Asia with the monastic ideal of Christianity in the middle Ages. Buddhism is a traditional and religious practice based on the tenets of spiritual development that leads an individual on the path of realistic enlightenment of nature…
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Compare/Contrast Religious Ideas of Buddhism essay example
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