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Name University Course Instructor Date 1. Compare and contrast the religious ideas of Buddhism that led to monasteries in Asia with the monastic ideal of Christianity in the middle Ages. Buddhism is a traditional and religious practice based on the tenets of spiritual development that leads an individual on the path of realistic enlightenment of nature.


Consequently, Gautama renounced his royalty status and resorted into being a monk for the sole aim of understanding the essence of truth from the world. As a means to gain enlightenment Gautama practiced meditation under a ‘bodhi’ tree where he finally realized the true path of freedom from suffering towards salvation. He was henceforth known as “Buddha” or the “Enlightened one” ( Hawkins 35).The basic ideals of Buddhism are centred on four noble truths that are the tenets of Buddha’s doctrines. The First noble ideal is the truth of suffering that recognizes that suffering exists. The second ideal emphasizes on the cause of suffering in which ignorance and desire are identified as the major causes. The third noble ideal teaches on the end of suffering in the world or in the spiritual sense by achieving Nirvana. Consequently, the fourth noble ideal creates the path towards the end of suffering (Hawkins 29). The monastic ideal of Christianity referred to the practice of seclusion from the world for the purpose of spiritual communion with God and the universe (Markus 19). The origin and spread of the practice is attributed to Saint Anthony of Alexandria in Egypt (Markus 19). ...
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