Jews and Race in the United States

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(Name) (Instructors’ name) (Course) (Date) Is Judaism a Race or Not? What is the meaning of being a Jew? Is it a race as most people say? According to the United States Supreme Court, the Jews are considered a race. This consideration was made for the purpose of establishing an anti-discrimination law, which was an important issue at that moment.


The idea of Jews being considered as a race brought into mind the nightmarish vision of Germany, where the Jews were considered as a race, as well as an inferior race that was supposed to be rounded up in the ghettos and like a vermin, be exterminated. When the emotional part of this issue was put into consideration, the Jews were not considered as a race. On the other hand, race is a genetic distinction that refers to people who have shared the genetic traits and ancestry. Race is like a DNA and so it cannot be changed. In this case, an example to prove this fact is that, when an individual is an Asian, there is no way one can become a black no matter how much one wishes or desires. Research shows that many Jews all over the world have a universal ancestry. Nevertheless; one can become a Jew via converting . Many people have described Jew as a religion, others as culture and others a nation. All these descriptions have some validity and can be well described as an extended family per say. Jews and the Hollywood in USA Jews own the Hollywood and the media in the USA. After an opinion, which took place on December 6, it was clearly shown that the Jews dominate Hollywood today in the USA. Their presence in the Hollywood happens to be a historical fact. ...
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