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The Freedom of a Christian Section 1 Among many important treatises written by Martin Luther to clarify and defend his position about the Christian doctrine is ‘Freedom of a Christian.’ The other treatises are ‘To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation’ and ‘The Babylonian Captivity of the Church’ (Luther, 1970).


However, justification by faith can only be done through believing in Christ. Believing in Christ is the root of Christianity and thus justification using this mean would result to righteousness without slavery to the law. Section 2 Christian faith is very important in the life of a Christian. It is regarded to be among the virtues that could drive the life of a Christian towards achievement of righteousness and freedom. Christians have different levels of Christian faith. However, nobody should boast that he has sufficient faith. The author agrees in this treatise that he does not have a wealth of faith (Luther, 1970). However, temptations have to occur to test the degree of Christian faith that Christians have. Christian faith is attained through believing in Christ and grows through passing through temptations and overcoming them. The strength associated with it is great and an essential asset that could help Christians to grow in Christianity and become better Christians. Christians should not succumb to what other people say about them. They should behave like masters who are willing to please only Christ. It is always clear that a person cannot become what others say about him unless be makes himself a slave to it. ...
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