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Biblical Concept of Sin Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name (11, 09, 2012) Outline I. Introduction II. Brief summary III. Critical interaction IV. Conclusion V. Bibliography Biblical Concepts of Sin Introduction The bible is the Christian’s guide to live a spiritually healthy life.


As such, this study attempts to look into the biblical notions of sin, and to illustrate the significance of these notions in modern days. In his attempt to reveal the biblical view of sin, Kinghorn studies the doctrine of sin in both the old and new testaments. He uses this approach in order to follow the revelation of the doctrine of sin throughout the centuries, from the creation of man, as God manifests himself in the human families setting. Brief summary The study begins by looking into the mentions of sin in the Old Testament. Kinghorn identifies numerous terms that look into the concept of sin in the Old Testament, which makes it an ideal study in order to understand the doctrine of sin. Mentions of sin in the Old Testament are in Hebrew, whose translations may distort the precise definition of the terms. In this article, we see sin as having an inward concept and an outside concept. The inward concept is best seen in the case of the tenth commandment, while the outside concept of sin is seen in cold blooded murder. There are many concepts of sin including an act of wrong doing with regard to ethics, breaking the law due to ill motive, and breaking the covenant of God as a deflection from the law giver. ...
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