Religion and Theology Essay on "Life Together" by Bonheoffer

Religion and Theology Essay on "Life Together" by Bonheoffer Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Life together is an experience expressed by Christians, in regard to living in peace and harmony. Christians have the heart of living in togetherness, devoid of castigation from other people.


In his letters, Apostle Paul expressed his gratitude to Christians in obligating to maintain a peaceful living with their neighbors. It is in this light that Bonheoffer expressed his views on the Christian living in togetherness. He initiated he teachings of ensuring all Christians lived in togetherness, shunning away from separation. With such a drill in the Christian fraternity, the Christians would be well prepared in making a stronger faith in the whole Christian fraternity. Bonheoffer initiated a fellowship that would bring unity in the Christian fraternity, to its best. In his thoughts, Bonheoffer was compelled to come up with a unique fellowship that would guarantee oneness in the Christian fraternity. Living together in Christ was the ostensible reasoning and thought, as generated by Bonheoffer. His practical advice to the Christian fraternity was evidently expressed from his unending desire to instill unity and peace to the Christians in the worlds. Similarly, he was compelled to spread the gospel and Christian virtues in families. He offered advice to families in regard to living in unity, as brother and sisters. Sustainability in families was a core subjected that was his initiation, which would generate a peaceful living. ...
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