Report on Religious Field Research

Report on Religious Field Research Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Religion plays an important part in the life of people. It influences all aspects of human interaction and its broad spectrum of rituals and traditions can be contributed to the diversity of people spread across the geographical boundaries. Religion can be broadly described as principles and guidelines that provide the basic platform for people to lead a socially compatible life within the predefined parameters of the social compulsions.


The paper is a field research of Hindu religion through its festival, Diwali. One of my acquaintances was Indian who followed Hinduism. He was quite excited about one of his major festival, Diwali, which was fast approaching. It was a good opportunity to understand the religion through its traditional festivals. I asked if it would be alright if I could be part of their festivity. He happily agreed and invited me for overnight stay at his home. He also informed that someone would explain the significance of rituals and traditions that are part of the festival. A day before the festival, Diwali, I went to his home, where I was welcomed by his parents, siblings and hordes of other relatives who had come to celebrate the festival together. I later found that during the two main religions, the whole family comes together to celebrate. This strengthens the family bond and helps maintain and value the cultural identity of individuals. Diwali is also known as festival of light. People light their homes and celebrate it fireworks, sumptuous food, friendly gambling. The whole festival is celebrated with gaiety and carefree abandonment to mark the victory of good over evil. ...
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