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Analyzing Vipers’ Tangle Name Institution Analyzing Vipers’ Tangle Introduction The story called Vipers’ Tangle is rated as a classic one by the most rigorous critiques in the world because of its prominent realistic approach to human nature. It is the story about a lawyer who spent his entire life in the pursuit of wealth and treated it as a source of gratification but during last days of his life, he realized his mistake.


However, at the end of his life, he was forced to live; he decided to leave a written record of his life so that someday his family might know about his hidden appreciation of relations (Mauriac, 1933). This paper will attempt to integrate the Lewis’s theories of love with the story named Vipers’ Tangle and focus on finding out the application of these theories at various stages of the story. Lewis identified two important forms of love people experience during their life span. These are Gift and Need Loves (Lewis, 1960); respectively, the first form of love drives an individual to work in order to provide a safe future to his or her family, and the second one compels a person to share his or her worries with the close ones. However, these two loves should keep moving parallel to each other and co-exist in harmony because if an individual shows only need-based love, this will make the family consider him or her as apathetic and unwilling to struggle for his family’s better future. On the other hand, if a person keeps on earning millions while devoting virtually no time to his or her family, the family will consider a person greedy, mean and indifferent. The relation between Louis and his son Hubert took a series of interesting turns during Louis’s life. ...
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