Worldview Integration and Reflection

Worldview Integration and Reflection Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The fact/ value dichotomy is considered to be a principle which evolved out of supreme attempts concerning the ‘concept control’. During the initiation of the eighteenth century, it was noted that a handful of the Enlightenment thinkers mentioned the actuality that it was difficult to derive value from facts.


According to the views of the positivists, the facts which generally originated from experiments as well as clarifications could be regarded as the actual truth and hence rejected all the discussions related to values as being worthless or non-cognitive chats (Harris, “A Summary Critique of the Fact/ Value Dichotomy”).
Modern society is basically characterized by a sharp disintegration between the sacred and secular fields where both the aspects of work as well as business has been identified to be strictly secular. It is because of this fact, Christians are often found to exist in two separate worlds varying in terms of the private world of family and church as well as the public world. This dichotomy tends to pose a profound impact upon the personal lives of the people. ...
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