According to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who is God?

According to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, who is God? Essay example
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The explanation for God, has been found to change fundamentally among people, as can be apparently identified with reference to Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger’ discussion in ‘Introduction to Christianity’.


Un-astonishingly, these questions have been of sole interest not only for religious people but also for skeptic mythologists, which motivated the work of various researchers who further introduced varied perspectives to the issue. One of such perspectives was put forward by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in his book “Introduction to Christianity”. From ages, in different religions, in different communities as well as in different cultural clusters, God has been defined from varying perspectives, mostly being based on the beliefs rather than on the mythological facts or implied gestures. Hence, no single definition for God exists today. Christianity was also no exclusion from this particular aspect based on which, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, in his book ‘Introduction to Christianity’, expressed his opinions about God. According to him, God could not be categorized as something practical or just a theoretical conclusion. Rather, he stated that God is something subjective, who belongs to a private realm and not fundamentally in the common activities of public life. Based on this theory, Ratzinger argued that Christ was not God Himself, but the only son of God who dwells among people as a man bestowed with the responsibility to communicate the words of God within the public life. ...
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