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Indeed, the very dawn of religion is marked with the desire of a human being to understand phenomena that are though to be out of one’s comprehension. Another reason that may be quite compelling to pursuit the path of religious studies is to achieve a global perspective. Indeed, different areas of social life are affected by religion directly or indirectly. What is more important is that the above mentioned notion may also be used as an effective way to analyze the causes of conflicts.
Finally, it must be noted that some of the reasons that were provided by Livingston may be reevaluated. It may be true that the former has been influencing the latter for many centuries; however, the process of secularization clearly divided these two institutions. In addition to that, one should also keep in mind that many nations that now belong to a particular religion were converted which resulted in the elimination of the previous state of social affairs. For example, Greece is often regarded as the stronghold of Orthodox Christianity. Nevertheless, for many centuries people of this country were genuine ...
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Nevertheless, it would not be a mistake that one is able to come up with other reasons that might be added to this list. For example, religious studies may be extremely…
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