Pachomius: His communities' life & requirements, and Why collective over individual? - Essay Example

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Pachomius: His communities' life & requirements, and Why collective over individual?

After the conquest of the Maximinus, he went back to his home village and underwent baptism (Chidester 292). The inspiration from Latopolis had a profound effect on his love for God, and he thus decided to become a monk. Ascetic Palemon played an integral part in his spiritual guidance. His guidance has been reckoned by many in the present days. During this time, the eremitic life established by Antony was the dominant lifestyle. Pachomius decided to establish a monastic community after receiving divine exhortation. He established the first monastic community in an abandoned village near Dendera, on the east bank of river Nile. Initially, there were few ascetics, but they increased over time. The saint established some monastic rules that governed the activities and needs of the monks, including common table, common prayer, common use of labor products, and common work (Chidester 310). According to tradition and legend, an angel dictated these rules. Obedience was a great virtue to the monastic communities. Introduction Majority of scholars justly esteem Antony as the institutor of religious communities adhering to certain rules, but Pachomius was the first to write a monastic set of rules. He was born in Upper Thebais to idolatrous parents around the year 292. He underwent the education of his blind superstition parents as well as the Egyptian sciences. This education was crucial in impacting the world later in his years. ...
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Pachomius Pachomius was the founder of coenobitic monasticism and a Christian ascetic. There has been much confusion on the information of the saint in many biographies and legends written in different versions and translations…
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