The Mirror Has Two Faces Movie Review.

The Mirror Has Two Faces Movie Review. Essay example
Religion and Theology
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The theme of the film: The Mirror Has Two Faces is about different views people hold about love, sex, relationships and marriage. The title represents how different insights are seen on the same topic…


A mirror is supposed to be a reflection of the person standing in front of it, and the title of the movie mentions that it has two faces, most probably the person and its reflection, but these faces are not necessarily one and the same person thinking the same thoughts. Hence, the title makes one curious as to what it truly means. The characters’ ideas about sex, love, and marriage: The characters of the movie hold various perspectives on sex, love and marriage. Alex holds romantic views and showers Claire with affection to the point that it suffocates her. To him, he is like a romantic hero. Claire is so bent on using her beauty to attract men but when she gets them, she easily gets tired of them and is searching for another pursuit to keep her excited and interested. Hannah is kind of self-obsessed that to her, love should center on her own happiness and should boost her self-esteem. Henry is more down to earth and is a sounding board to Gregory’s ideas on love and sex and has a more grounded belief that a balance should be struck in order for a relationship to work, although he himself dates younger women not for their intelligence but mostly for their physical appeal. The central characters of Rose and Gregory provide the conflict in the story. For Rose, a romantic relationship should be fueled by passion and romance to support the deep love that the couple has for each other. ...
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