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HIV/AIDs and preventive measures Name: Supervisor: Institution: Date: Introduction Structural and social violence has adversely contributed to the spread of HIV in the African continent. Economic struggles were intensely felt in Africa around 1970s and the epidemic took advantage of this struggle to manifest itself at the same time.


(Ezekiel, Oppong and Craddock) HIV/AIDs can be transmitted in a number of ways including having unprotected sex, contact with open wounds, mother to child infection, and piercing the body using unsterilized equipment. HIV/AIDs has no vaccine or treatment yet. The only effective way to control it is to avoid further spreading through promoting safer practices, fighting the war against drug use, which provides a wide platform for the spread of HIV/AIDs and safer medical practices. Abstract HIV/AIDs epidemic is an enormous issue in developing countries like Indonesia, Africa, and Philippines. African is worst infected with HIV persons, and the use of condoms has sown less fruits. There is still hope when it comes to the HIV phenomenon, as several ways of preventing the infectious disease are being measured (Green). One is bound to ask several questions when it comes to HIV/AIDs and how it is spread. Why do people involve themselves in dangerous behaviors, which will cost them their lives? Why has many efforts been put in this phenomenon yet a little success has been achieved? A lot of people who are infected include migrant mine workers, sex commercial workers and young people in the society. This is the most affected and infected group in the world, especially in Africa. ...
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