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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Mystical Encounters Mysticism involves divine knowledge, emotion and intellect in relation to personal experience and understanding in oneness regarding to the nature and a supreme being. It is the experience of having contact with the divine nature or God.


The major concern of mystic is attaining realization of a union and submission to the Supreme Being. It is essential to note that the mystics in one way or the other affect individuals and communities as a whole in the effort of attaining their goals and shaping their character. This experience changes how a person view life and what they affect them as individuals or a group, thus the experience is more of personal. It can thus challenge the communal goals because, through it, individuals forming the commune obtain their character, experiences and belief. The religious belief, which the community abides by, reflects itself through the action of that community, what they encounter through the belief of the divine nature, thus mystical encounters. Mystical encounters involve any occurrence with a being without physical forms; these beings manifest it in different forms. They are normally inhuman or human forms, they maybe in the form of rocks, animals and tree spirits, which have extraordinary abilities to act differently under different situations. There are different types of mystical encounters experience by a believer these include prophetic dreams, apparitional manifestations, transfigurations, premonitions, automatic writing, spirit journey, instantaneous healing miracles among others (Dan 120). ...
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