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Islam in Modern World Today Muslims bear much of the weight of a long history of European racism Name Instructor’s Name Course University Date of Submission Islam in Modern World Introduction Racism Racism is one of the leading social and cultural problems all over the world and it takes several different forms like cultural, social, ethnic and religious.


It is a distressing reality that people consider themselves superior to others in terms of economic conditions, financial resources, color, caste, creed and even gender. Racism has been divided into scientific racism that involves genetics as well in terms of defining black, white, brown and yellow people. Some authors believe it comes from scientific reasons and theories. However there is a class of believers who justify that racism arises from the ideologies of global capitalism which gives rise to the unequal social relations. However the truth is that racism does not exist in a single form but a combination of all types. It involves culture, traditions, language, people, history, class, politics, ideology, religion, gender and even economical conditions (Berg & Wendt, 2011) European Racism Over the past two hundred years, racism has taken many forms in Europe such as Anti-black racism, colonial racism and Anti-Semitic racism. One of the greatest examples of European Racism was the series of Crusades which were an attempt against the Muslims in terms of religious differences. Their main purpose was the restoration of Christianity and they were a longitudinal series of violent wars that began hundreds of years ago. ...
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