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Essay example - Pentecostalism

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Religion and Theology
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Pentecostalism is a conventional Christian denomination movement that has had substantial sway in politics in American and the development of America's fundamental Christian privilege. Pentecostal Christianity is not the identical as the conservative evangelical …

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Truly, many evangelical and fundamentalist Christians can be very disapproving of Pentecostal doctrine. Regrettably, numerous atheists equate "Christian Privilege" with "fundamentalism" and it is an outcome of customary Methodism. The dualistic principles which most describe Pentecostal churches and distinguish them from other Protestant factions are the conviction in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in addition the follow-onto charismata (The Gifts of the Spirit are like talking in tongues). The conviction in charismata and Gifts of the Holy Spirit is centred on the book of Acts chapter 2 when the Holy Spirit visited the apostles (Maxwell 1998, 319). In the Pentecostal movement, the Holiness groups stressed what they termed as the “second blessing" bequeathed on those who experienced a jubilant conversion encounter. Some manifestations of this sanctification were via Gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as prophesies and glossalia. Others viewed such deeds, as unorthodoxy and this is point where Pentecostals deviated from the Holiness and Methodist churches (although initially many desired to remain members of their prime churches) (Walsh 2003, 54). Nowadays, strange ways like faith curing, talking in tongues and euphoric experiences are a feature of Pentecostal services. ...
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