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Essay example - Compare Job and Gilgamesh as suffering heroes, as they search for understanding, and come to accept the limits of their human co

Compare Job and Gilgamesh as suffering heroes, as they search for understanding, and come to accept the limits of their human co Essay example
Religion and Theology
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Comparing and Contrasting Gilgamesh with Job The stories of the Sumerian hero Gilgamesh and the Biblical Job hold similarities in theme. Divine will set upon them with difficult trials and suffering as a test of the main protagonists’ character. The ancient stories of Gilgamesh and Job hold a lot particularly similar lessons as well as certain contrasts…

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The Book of Job and the Epic of Gilgamesh were set around the 13th century before Christ, and both stories were placed in the region of ancient Mesopotamia. Both stories have a great deal of religious themes, although the Epic of Gilgamesh leans more on the mythological side while the Book of Job maintains a more spiritual-religious tone and message. It should also be noted that there are differences with regards to the culture of the ancient Sumerians and the Israelites. The ancient Sumerians were very much a polytheistic culture that made a society and civilization that revolved around the worship of its many deities and mythical heroes. Gilgamesh, for example, is taken in high regard of worship by ancient Sumerians. On the other hand, Israelite or Hebrew culture was very monotheistic. The Hebrews believed that there is only one true God, in their language Yahweh or Jehovah, and He is the Lord of everything and His Will is supreme and good. Israelite society centers on this in the sense that they worship no other being or thing other than God Himself, and submit to completely to His Will. In understanding each story’s civilization and cultural background, it would be easier to understand the parallels between the two. ...
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