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Discipleship Counseling Name Institution Course Date Abstract Discipleship counseling, which can also be referred to as Christian counseling is a very effective way of counseling if approached from the correct perspective and when the correct essentials are addressed.


The absence of these three approaches in the counseling ministry will result in an ineffective ministry that will not adequately meet serve the members of the Kingdom of God. It is imperative to note that spiritual warfare includes the area of prayer, battles waged in the spiritual realm and the effects of spiritual oppression. When the concept of spiritual warfare is properly utilized without overemphasis that it is the only cause, it can be very effective. The Wholistic approach is when the body, soul and spirit are considered, even as relevant Christian theologies are also considered, taking care not to involve secular thoughts or those that are not Biblical. Dealing with counselee with compassion entails allowing for connection with the counselee so as to allow the individual to move out of the situation. Introduction While the aspect of discipleship counseling is often overlooked, it is a very important duty that should be practiced by Christian leaders upon their flock, considering the Lord Jesus Himself practiced it often upon His disciples and to the people who followed Him during His ministry on earth (Anderson, 2003). It should dawn on Christian leaders that counseling of the flock that God has laid into their hands is one of the most important aspects of their responsibilities. ...
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