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Why jesus is the way the truth and the life john 14:6 - Term Paper Example

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Why jesus is the way the truth and the life john 14:6

Holy Spirit and God the Father are also often mentioned in the prayers. However, the names Jesus and God are usually the easiest names for Christian to mention even at times faced with same form of trouble or distresses. When taking oaths and vows in courts and weddings, the parties that include witnesses and brides swears in the name of the Father who is God that they will stay truthful and evidence given shall all be nothing but truth. True and devoted Christians will easily recognize the book of John 14: 6 where Jesus proclaimed that “I am the way truth and life, no one comes to the Father except through me.” It is important for all Christians to know that mere knowledge and grasp of this Biblical verse is not enough to enhance the true spiritual growth. The verse is very broad making it necessary to teach Christians concerning all the entities and spectrum of application of this particular verse. Teaching on this verse will help broaden their understanding and building of very strong Christian faith. Whatever the case, Christian must know the many reasons why Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus as Life During His mission in the world, Jesus kept reiterating concerning His relation with God and the Holy Spirit. He said that God is in Him and He in God, thus God and Jesus are nothing but one. God is the giver of life as well as the creator of heaven and all that is inside. Referring to the book of John 1: 1 onwards “In the beginning there was word, the Word was with God and God was the Word. It is because of the Word that everything on the earth was made.” Life is the basic component of all living creatures on the surface of the earth1. Therefore life could be the Word spoken instructing the availability of the earth and everything that exists in it. If the Word was life, then according to the indicated book of John 1:1 the life is God. Since Jesus and God are two in one as Jesus is in the Father and Father in Son (mentioned somewhere in the Bible), then Jesus the Son qualifies as Life. It is also important to consider the events at the last supper when Jesus was dividing bread and wine to the disciples. During the event, Jesus broke the bread and instructed His Disciples to take for it represented the body of Christ, which is immortal. He also gave wine to His disciples instructing them to take as a representation of His blood that shall leave them without thirst. The reality of Jesus as life also featured in during an event in the well in Samaria. Here Jesus went to quench His thirst and happened to meet a Samaritan woman who had gone to fetch water. The Samaritan woman had an instrument for drawing water from the well but Jesus had none. So Jesus requested the Samaritan woman to provide Him with water but the woman refused citing the big names like Jacob linked to the well and the grudge existing between the Samaritans and Jews. With all the hurdles presented by the Samaritan woman, Jesus did not give up, but continued tirelessly to convince the woman as this was His purpose of saving the woman from her daunting sins. In the process of argument, Jesus regretted why the woman did not recognize Him as of more importance than just the physical water. Jesus then declared to her that He was the living well springing waters of life, and that those who drink the water from that well will never feel thirst again in their life. The woman then accepted Jesus’ persuasions and called for salvation, which later saw Jesus promising her life eternal life if she continued to believe. In light of the event at Samaria, it is clear that Jesus leveraged the woman from all her sins that weighed down on her. 2As indicated in the book of Roman 6: 23 that the wage of sin is death, the woman after being set free ...Show more


Jesus as the way the truth and the life John 14:6
Christian believers have over long time been praying without any failure to mention Jesus’ name in the prayers. In every bit of prayers there will be the mentioning of the name Jesus or the Son of God. …
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Why jesus is the way the truth and the life john 14:6 essay example
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Why jesus is the way the truth and the life john 14:6
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