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Family to Family, Dr. Jerry Pipes and Victor Lee

He holds a Doctorate degree in Ministry from the Luther Rice Seminary. He is a member of the North American Mission Board and is the acting team leader of its Prayer and Spiritual Awakening team. Dr. Pipes also served in the Bush administration in the 1990’s war against drugs. He is the author of several books, such as “Family to Family” and “Becoming Complete”, and producer of numerous booklets and training processes with an estimate of 18 million plus copies in print. Dr. Pipes is also the president of Jerry Pipes productions. The second author of the book “Family to Family” is Victor Lee. He is the pastor of Single Adults and Evangelism at First Baptist Concord, Knoxville, Tennessee. Lee has 25 years’ experience as a writer having quit Journalism to enter in to full time ministry in 1995. Lee has edited and contributed to many Christian publications especially in the line of discipleship, singles ministry, sports evangelism, evangelism strategy and purposeful family living. He is a columnist for the Sports Spectrum magazine and a Sports Evangelism consultant for the North American Mission Board amongst other duties in the ministry. Content Summary “Family to Family” is a book that shows the place and importance of unity in a family for the purpose of raising the family to follow Christ ( Pipes, p. 114). ...
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Family to Family Book Review (Insert name) (Course name) Course instructor (Submission date) Bibliographical Entry Pipes, Jerry, and Victor Lee. Family to Family: Families Making a Difference. Alpharetta, GA: North AmericanMission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, 1999…
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