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Old Testament Prophets

A study of the scriptures shows that Joseph and Mary were David’s descendants even though their family lineages are different. The fulfillment of the conditions of the covenant by man was very crucial since, fulfillment led to blessedness while failure to fulfill or obey led to discipline or curse. The prophetic message or utterance entails forth telling, which is the explanation of current occurrences and foretelling, which entails what will happen in the future. God’s relationship with the children of Israel through covenants necessitated the prophetic utterance of the Old Testament prophets, correcting them when they strayed and encouraging them when they felt discouraged. In the book of the major prophet Jeremiah, the results of violating the covenants are very well documented, denoting the very great relationship between the covenants and prophecy in the Old Testament.3 Words, prophecies, wars and blessings are all shown to take place in accordance to what God has said many years earlier. ...
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Name Institution Task Date The Covenants Is the Basis for Prophecy A covenant is a binding statement by God through which he establishes a responsibility- based relationship either with an individual, the human race in general, with Himself and a nation or between Himself and a specific family.1 Some of the covenants that God made in the Old Testament were unconditional while others were unconditional on the part of God, whereby He committed Himself to fulfill His part of the covenant, despite the failure of the other party to accomplish what was expected of them…
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