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Church as building or sacred space The church is recognized and treated as sacred space when it does name a building, where the holy sacrament has to stay and people will be united in worship and prayer. This was depicted in one particular scene in the movie when Archbishop Oscar Romero retrieved the sacrament, tried to take back the church, as a sacred place to conduct a holy celebration of the mass, all of which took place right after the military had control of a certain local church and restricted people from using its space (Romero Full Movie).


Another important action, as depicted in the movie film is to claim the freedom of the people to ensure the sacredness of the space. This requires aggressive effort in order to establish the point that the church must be free from any other movements, including but not limited to those concerning application of political or economic authority, social injustice and more. The leaders, church members and the people are the ones whose actions could eventually help to make the space sacred once again. In the case of the movie film “Romero” it was the Archbishop who strengthened the people, give them courage and stood as voice of the multitude in order to restore the sanctity of the church. Church as institution An institution is aimed at achieving a high social order, even though there might be varying behaviors of a set of individuals. Church is an institution because it is supposed to be governed by and moving forward to a higher social order, it administers to everybody who might be good or bad. What it seeks to promote is only for the good of everyone, as it tries to establish a good community. ...
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