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Hinduism Jerry Ciacho Hinduism Hinduism is the principal and is among the major native religions practiced in the subcontinent of India. People frequently refer to Hinduism as the oldest religion in the world and with more than a billion devotees, it is the third largest belief system, behind Islam and Christianity.


Majority of the traditions that define Hinduism abide by a body of sacred text, the Vedas, though a few exceptions exist. At times, people characterize Hinduism by the idea of reincarnation or rebirth, called the samsara. This is governed by karma, and there exists in this religion the concept of liberation from earthly existence and suffering, a sort of salvation from the sequence of recurrent birth and passing away. Most believe in this concept, with a few exceptions and because of this great diversity that it has, Hinduism is sometimes said Hinduisms. Unlike other major living religions, Hinduism is a religion that does not possess a distinct and specific structure of salvation and each different denomination or faction has their own purposes and goals. However it is clear that it allows total and unconditional liberty of principle, faith and devotion. Hindus are free to interpret the basic fundamentality and themes written in the religious texts and scripts. For this very reason, Hinduism is lacking of the conceptions of renunciation of faith, profanation and blasphemy. ...
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