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Hinduism Paper - Essay Example

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Hinduism Paper

Majority of the traditions that define Hinduism abide by a body of sacred text, the Vedas, though a few exceptions exist. At times, people characterize Hinduism by the idea of reincarnation or rebirth, called the samsara. This is governed by karma, and there exists in this religion the concept of liberation from earthly existence and suffering, a sort of salvation from the sequence of recurrent birth and passing away. Most believe in this concept, with a few exceptions and because of this great diversity that it has, Hinduism is sometimes said Hinduisms. Unlike other major living religions, Hinduism is a religion that does not possess a distinct and specific structure of salvation and each different denomination or faction has their own purposes and goals. However it is clear that it allows total and unconditional liberty of principle, faith and devotion. Hindus are free to interpret the basic fundamentality and themes written in the religious texts and scripts. For this very reason, Hinduism is lacking of the conceptions of renunciation of faith, profanation and blasphemy. (Lane, 2005, p.149) According to a book entitled World Religions written by Jefferey Brodd (2003), although Hinduism generally does not follow a singular structure of belief systems, “prominent themes in Hindu beliefs include (but are not restricted to), Dharma (ethics/duties), Samsara (the continuing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth), Karma (action and subsequent reaction), Moksha (liberation from samsara), and the various Yogas (paths or practices).” Moksha is a very important concept in Hinduism. It is the counterpart to Buddhism’s concept of Nirvana and is defined as the ultimate disengagement of the spirit from samsara, or the cycle of life and death, and the transporting to a ‘paradise’ where suffering no longer exists. An act of personal completeness called the atma-jnana is the means by which one can obtain moksha. In Hinduism, there are several Vedanta schools, each of which holds their individual interpretation on the idea of moksha, or freedom, that is coherent with their own distinct values and beliefs. Each one has its own identity from each other. However, all schools continue to be consistent to the general comprehending and veneration of Brahman, and maintain to grasp the truths that are written and inscribed in another of Hindu’s religious and sacred text called the Upanishads. Indeed, Hinduism is an extremely diverse religion, open to many interpretations, beliefs and practices. It is undeniable that its roots in India play a big role in the everyday life and culture of the people who reside there. With many other customs, traditions and viewpoints, Hinduism comprises a comprehensive range of edicts and instructions of day-to-day ethics and conducts that are all based on the Hindu traditions and beliefs such as karma and the dharma, among many other social standards. Their lives are governed by Hindu formal procedures and ceremonies that include weddings, birth and numerous festivals like the Holi Festival and Indian culture is based on many of Hindu traditions and customs that are evident in Indian households and communities. The vast majority of Hindus engage in religious rituals on a daily basis. (Muesse, 2011, p.216) Fervent traditional ...Show more


Hinduism Jerry Ciacho Hinduism Hinduism is the principal and is among the major native religions practiced in the subcontinent of India. People frequently refer to Hinduism as the oldest religion in the world and with more than a billion devotees, it is the third largest belief system, behind Islam and Christianity…
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Hinduism Paper
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Hinduism Paper
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