Report on the Religious Life of Planet Earth

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Religion and Theology
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Religious Life of Planet Earth First Name, Last Name Institution Affiliation Course title Professor Date Since time immemorial, there has always been a way through which people can give reverence to the Supreme Being whom they credit for their existence. In this same connection, the aspect of religion comes in.


This is despite the fact that people have different perspectives about the issue of religion. For establishing whether the individuals in the planet are religious and the contents of this religion, a criterion will has to be used for pointing out the various factors, which come into play about religion. The first criterion in this case is in relation to the different branches of religion. So what are the various branches of religion? In this case, there are two extremely significant branches. These are Christians and Muslims. In essence, these are the two significant religions in the world. There are other minor ones like Buddhism and Sikhism just but to mention a few (Tomoko, 2007). The other criteria, which can be established, are in relation to how the religions look like. This is also in relation to the elements, which are associated with these various diverse religions. For starters, in the case of the Christians, the most crucial element is The Bible. In the case of the Muslims, the Quran is considered the most salient element. These are Holy Books. From these books, the teachings of religion can be deduced (Harvey, 2000). These are the writings, which hold the most relevant information, which is associated with the religion. ...
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