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Archbishop Oscar Romero explicitly censured the persecution of Church in Salvador. The archdiocesan radio, religious and educational institutes were under attack and regularly bombed.


In only a span of three years, over fifty priests had been intimidated, slandered, exiled and six even embraced martyrdom in the name of faith. The country was amid a civil war during the 1980s, as military death squads terrorized the populace. Romero was one of the few in power who took a stand and openly spoke against the injustices, landing international limelight. Romero’s small-lived reign as the archbishop and the journey of transforming from a moderate theologian into a forefront hero of human rights is brilliantly chronicled in the film, Romero. Church as an Institution In this movie, Church is portrayed as a weapon of the wealthy to maintain status quo against the rebellious peasants and laborers. Back in those days, Salvador was characterized by assassinations, kidnappings, barbaric militarism, and executions. In order to curb the growing discontent amongst the populace, the Vatican promotes conservation Romero to the position of the Archbishop. In the beginning, Romero conforms to their vision of Church as he preaches ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ (Duigan). However, after seeing militants thwart voters, open fire on crowds, torment insurgents, murder a dedicated priest, Romero awakens from the slumber. He expresses his condemnation on radio, rebukes quisling bishops, and heads a peasant march into a Church occupied by the soldiers. ...
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