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Religion and Theology
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Full name Professor Subject Date Qualities of the Church The church is recognized and treated as a sacred place when all the people who enter in respect the ideologies of the church and maintain peace and order. For instance, the church is known to be a place of worship so that silence should be observed most of the time.


When the archbishop went to get the sacrament to protect it, the soldier fired at the crucifix and the altar instead of letting him in quietly. Such rudeness desecrated the church because the place of worship has become a place of violence. In order to re-claim and re-establish the sacredness of the church, the archbishop has to take over through the power vested upon him as a leader of the church via a peaceful entry back to the church. He has to do this with the help of the churchgoers. Moreover, the word of God should again be preached in the space so that there would be sanctification of the place once again as it becomes a place of security and peace. The troublesome elements must be expelled from the church to thwart further disturbances. When we say that the church is an institution, we mean that it is like any other organized group wherein there are leaders to govern the people and activities of the church as well as rules and regulations to follow. Since the church deals with people, there has to be an organized manner to handle the affairs of the church. Moreover, the church necessarily deals with other institutions like political and business establishments therefore there is the need for such organization. In the movie, this feature is seen in the installation of father Romero as the archbishop. ...
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