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THE RISE OF PAPACY Name Course Date The decline of Roman Empire happened through a series of events culminated by migration periods .This fall marked the end of classical Antiquity in Europe. Concisely, middle ages of Europe emerged and were boosted by the invading of Rome by indigenous people who polarized their culture and traditions.


Conquerors took over Roman Empire territories, which weakened the stronghold of Julius Caesar and Augustus for example, Odoacer took over Italy, German invaders ruled western provinces. Roman Empire fell after splitting into two parts; Western and Eastern empires ruled by separate Emperors1. This gave room for moral decadence, financial troubles, corruption, and weakening of military power. These factors provided a loop way for barbaric hordes to attack and seize the empire. Papacy power rose after the fall of Roman Empire led by the Bishop of Rome. Uprising of church supremacy was started way back in 6th century; Bishops of Rome were among the most acknowledged and idolized popes of the world. Catholic Church created their own institutions of power known as Papacy, which administered that citizens are being given their due rights by the government. Christendom provided a tranquil environment for Papacy to manifest over a long period of time. Roman Catholic Church is strongly identified with St. Paul and Peter who were disciples and messengers of God. This pressurized Roman emperor Constantine to legalize Christianity as the national religion. ...
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