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Under The Banner Of Heaven
Jon Krakauer wrote this nonfiction book which published in 2003. The book is the encyclopedia of extremism associated with religion. It tells how the religion has been exploited for one’s special benefits.


Under the Banner of Heaven

Mormon is the religion of the extremists of Christianity. They entered in the history in 1820 when they doubted the Protestants. They asserted that the very structure of Christianity had been changed by the course of history. The scholars of Christianity then placed Greek philosophies in the holy book. They were of the view that none of the schools of thought of Christianity reflected the true image of the religion. They declared that God had entitled them the authority to run the systems of the world according to His wishes. To fulfill the said wishes, Mormons were the selected people. The book begins with a story of the two brothers who killed their sister in law with her infant child on the grounds that she had interrupted in the second marriage of one of the two murderers. What is tragic is the reality that both of them did not get ashamed of their cruel act. They in fact took pride and happily narrated the story of their cruelty. One of them was heard thanking the other for killing the baby. They told that they had got orders from the God as revelations to kill their sister in law. This is cruel and the extreme fundamentalism in Mormon religion formed the reason of the tragic event. One thing is sure; all the divine religions teach patience and forbearance. Mormon religion, as depicts the story, encourages its followers for polygamy whether it is by force or with underage. In Christianity, Judaism and Islam, marriages are allowed only with the mutual consent of the couple. ...
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