The koran (Surah 75 :The ressurrection) see instructions below.

The koran (Surah 75 :The ressurrection) see instructions below. Essay example
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Name 13 November 2012 The Koran Philosophy This research paper shall deal with Surah 75 of the Koran. It will give a brief translation and understanding of this surah, the way it has been propounded and the philosophy behind the inclusion of this surah in the Koran…


Even though man knows and understands that it is Allah who made him the way he is, he still goes on and does bad and wrong things, which are not the appropriate things to do in life. After this, the surah asks itself “When is the day of resurrection”. The answer to this question comes from the surah, as it explains that the day of resurrection shall come when the Moon is consumed by the darkness of the sky, when the sight is dazed, when the Sun and the Moon are joined together, that day shall be the day of resurrection. The surah continues to explain that on that day there will be no place of safety, there will be no recourse to Man and he will question what will happen to him. The lord replies by saying that those who have done good will be treated in the same manner and those who have done bad will be treated in the same manner. Justice shall be proclaimed on that day. There will be on place of safety and the people shall finally come to rest, those who are the dead. That day man will be told about his deeds. He will be evidence to his deeds and the things he did will be told to him, each and everything. ...
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