Theology of Care Practices Project

Religion and Theology
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THEOLOGY OF CARE PRACTICES PROJECT Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Explanation for the Citation mistakes I acknowledge that some footnotes may fail to reflect directly on the relationship between the cited page number and the footnote indicated. I would like to point out that I based all my writing on the concepts contained in the books state.


In the process, I paraphrased and re-wrote the concepts in my own words with respect to the underlying context. In this regard, I can emphasize that I have implicitly articulated all the concepts contained in the books when formulating every sentence and paragraph of the essay. With substantial consideration of the implicitly level employed during the formulation of the essay, the sources, together with the in-text citation, are credible and valid. Therefore, I would like to account for the notable distance between the concepts contained in the books and the ones I wrote down. The elevated level of implicit style used in writing is responsible for the reason why it might be hard to relate the elements of citation and the essay content.
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