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Name Instructor’s Name Religion and Theology 16 November 2012 Analysis of (King Yayati and the Legend of the Fish) Myths Reflection on Indian's values, Beliefs and Philosophy Marriages and Caste systems: Indian marriages are usually an arranged strategy, which intensively involves their parents; most especially, the fathers have a role to determine the worthiness of the spouses who intend to marry their daughters.


According to Ferraro and Andreatta, systems of arranged marriages assist to maintain the caste system, while the fathers have a role to marry off their daughters before puberty (214). The variation of social ranks affects the stability and formation of long lasting relationships intended between the betrothed couple. Even though the couple may identify each other early enough, the social status matters and has to be considered by the brides’ family. Most women in the Indian modern society are trying to change the tradition, by involving their free choice of marriage partners based on educational influence. Despite the education level, there has been little effort made in relation to reducing early marriages after increasing education (“Dommaraju,” The Mahabharata teaching from Yayati story, expresses how Yayati had declined to marry Davayani, since he knew they both belonged to different ranks. Yayati found it unworthy for him to marry a high rank woman from a Brahmin royalty. The cultural approval of men in the Indian society relates with how Yayati waited for Devayani’s father’s blessing to his marriage. ...
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