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The Crusaders and the Church Just as centuries before, the tales about the crusading heroes inspire hose who hear them for battles. However, this time, the battles are about the historical and moral significance of crusades, which is quite a debatable topic nowadays.


Neither can the writings of apostles and church fathers (prosecuted by Romans) be the departure point for analysis2. It is evident by now, that there are differences in three aforementioned texts and moral approaches, and the task of researcher is to clarify the motives behind different rhetorical strategies rather than search for positive models of behavior. The Main Controversy It was no secret for medieval church leaders that peaceful message of the New Testament was not appropriate for preaching in their violent world3. Moreover, there has always been an opposition to calls for the butchery of infidels: for example, Charlemagne was opposed y such influential figures as Alcuin of York and John Scot Erigena4. It was not until the 11th century AC that violent practices actually won full legitimacy in the church writings5. Moreover, those who came to battles fully realized what a demanding task it was, often spiritual rather than physical. For many knights, especially the participants of the first crusades, the march was a form of religious initiation and repentance performed with prayers, fasts, and vows6. The difference is striking: one group of people, the clergy, was legally prohibited to take part in the crusades7; the spiritual leaders were against the murders or at least saw the controversy. ...
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