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Classical proofs of God's existence - Essay Example

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Classical proofs of God's existence

This essay shall aim at holding a detailed discussion on the existence of God, based on arguments by religious philosophers, philosophers and other classical arguments. The contributions of these bodies of knowledge and persons will be analyzed to assess their contribution to the validation of the existence of God. The essay shall also aim at evaluating whether the arguments can be defended afresh and if they can relate to the day to day living of the contemporary human beings. Though the concept remains controversial, the arguments and different interpretations all aim at proving or disapproving the existence of God. Aquinas’ proof on God’s existence On the basis of reason, God exists. A medieval discussion on the God’s existence cannot be completed without a discussion on the contribution of Aquinas on God’s existence. In the work of Velecky, one would argue that Aquinas was on a mission to discuss the relationship between faith and reason between Philosophy and Christianity (71). Aquinas’ views have also been indicated to be of great impact on the perception of God and religion (Velecky, 69). Aquinas indicates that a lot of things in the universe are in motion (Velecky, 73).This motion makes the movement more supernatural than movements that can be caused by a normal human. In the work of Velecky, God is referred to as the first mover, who caused several movements of other bodies in the universe (73). This fact also explains that God is the major causative agent of the occurrence of activities in the universe. Since one thing is caused by another, then God is the causative agent of the occurrence of these movements; thus, He exists (Davies & Stump, 126). Thirdly, Aquinas proofs that God exists by arguing that God is a necessary being. According to Davies & Stump, all persons have their timespan at one time or another (126). This means that they fail to exist at one moment in their existence, but God does not fail to exist all the times. In an instance whereby God did not exist, then there will be no existence of supernatural events, but since He exists, humans fail, and their timespan is terminated, but He continues to exist and necessitate what humans require. Fourthly, medieval history that touches on existence of God relates to Aquinas’ arguments on the greatness of God. Davies & Stump indicate that God is the greatest of all the beings, since some things in the universe are far much greater than others (126). The degree of greatness varies from one person to another, thing to another, being to another amongst others. God is termed as the source of greatness; therefore, He is the greatest of them all (Davies & Stump, 126). Lastly, Aquinas also regards the world as having imaginary, superb and unimaginable structure. This relates to the world as having a smart designer, who is God (Davies & Stump, 126). Through this argument, Aquinas validates that God exists. From Aquinas’ arguments, therefore, God can be said to exist and control all activities and happenings in the universe, as well as the creator (Wayne, 143). Pascal’s arguments In terms of self interest, God can be indicated to be existent. Medieval history also credits the arguments by Pascal’s Wager argument on the existence of God. In the words of ...Show more


Instructor Date Classical proofs of God's existence Introduction Over the years, there have been numerous arguments that have either validated or not validated the existence of God. From the work of various personalities in the field of science, philosophy, theology, amongst others, the theme on the existence of God is one that has various interpretations and beliefs…
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Classical proofs of Gods existence essay example
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