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REGENT PARK MOSQUE Name: Course: Submitted to: Date of Submission: REGENT PARK MOSQUE Regent’s Park Mosque, also referred to as the London Central Mosque, was founded in 1944. Since its inception, the Regent Park Mosque has become a distinguishing feature to London’s skyline.


The Muslim community in the United Kingdom was officially presented with the Masjid as a gift from the government of Britain. This was aimed at enabling Muslims in London to create a centre for Islamic culture and build a mosque with an aim of providing an opportunity to carry out affairs related to their Islamic faith (Hodges, 2009, p. 57). This gift was greatly accepted by a mosque committee which comprised distinguished Islamic diplomats and Islamic residents living in the United Kingdom. This gift was presented to the Muslim community with the intent of paying tribute to thousands of Indian Islamic soldiers who had passed on while fighting for the British Empire. The British Empire at this time had more Muslims than Christians. In 1947, the London Central Mosque was registered by the mosque committee as a trust corporation named London Central Mosque Trust Limited. To date, the board members of the trust committee comprise Muslim countries’ diplomatic representatives whom the Court of St. James’s has accredited. The main objectives of the mosque committee included: first, to build a mosque on the provided site and secondly, to establish a cultural and religious centre for Muslims who resided in the United Kingdom at that time, and future generations. ...
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