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Personal Statement example - The concept of marrige according to Christian beliefs

Personal Statement
Religion and Theology
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Marriage, among many groups, comes in different forms. However, the concept remains the same wherever one may go. In whichever way, one may look at the concept of marriage the same idea is bound to come up to prove that individuals marry for companionship…

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The concept of marrige according to Christian beliefs

Understanding biblical teachings may have a positive impact on the manner in which individuals live their lives. It is not enough to get married in church in the presence of family and friends, and yet, fail to sustain a marriage long enough to see the fruits flourish.
This, they say, is destroying the social order that exists between human beings, and the heterosexual way life (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). This, however, has not stopped individuals from engaging in same sex marriages as they choose, but under protest from different groups. This paper will examine marriage from the biblical setting and the modern American marriage setting. This is to better understand the effect this may have on society. It was hard to come by cases where same sex marriages were condoned, in the past. This was because the biblical teachings of man and woman joining to become one were rampant. Moreover, Christians held onto the firm belief that going against these teachings was a sin. In the Bible, divorces were not allowed. That is probably why there were fewer cases of divorces among married couples back in the day. Modernity, education, and westernization have led many individuals to believe that marriage is only done for convenience (McDonald & McDonald, 2008). Folks nowadays even marry just to get visas to other countries. This is a growing trend among individuals in modern society. People do not uphold the value of marriage anymore. My parents have been married for 36 years. ...
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