The age of reason and Evangelical Biblical Interpretation

The age of reason and Evangelical Biblical Interpretation Essay example
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Abstract In this paper, the proponent investigates and critiques the developments that have taken place since the enlightenment in the way evangelicalism interprets the Bible.


To give substantial foundation of the argument, the proponent also includes basic information about evangelicalism and after this the analysis of how enlightenment affects the way evangelicals interpret the Scripture. Implications and findings are generated from reputable sources about concerning evangelical approaches to biblical hermeneutics. These references are in line with understanding and analysing the prevailing way of biblical interpretation of evangelicalism. It is evident that the age of reason or enlightenment had considerable influence on how to interpret biblical text. First, this is quite expounding when evangelicalism developed during and after the age of enlightenment. This has probable implication that there was an evolution on how the Bible was interpreted, because evangelicalism in the first place defined a movement that could substantially lead us to another style of interpreting the Scripture. Second, the age of reason clearly has illustrated us how evangelicals used their ability not only to stay at the literal point of view of interpreting the Bible, but now many of them could explore their actual opinion and even associate their actual experiences on the associated biblical text just to expound the linked context. ...
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