Comparing two pathways,Nussbaum's and McConnell's to tolerance and world peace

Comparing two pathways,Nussbaum
Religion and Theology
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Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism Name: Course: Presented to: Date: Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism Nussbaum in her article “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism” acknowledges that Americans have become ignorant of the rest of the world. To her, students have to be taught more about what lies beyond their borders in putting more emphasis on a cosmopolitan education.


On the other hand, McConnell in Don’t neglect the Little Platoons agree to the fact that moral education is needed in schools, but it such learning has to start with affection towards those close to us, and then spread outwards. According to McConnell, humanity is too abstract at large. Therefore, the strong patriotism in U.S citizens and its affirmation of universal norms of justice should not be viewed as to oppose cosmopolitanism, but have to be treated as a positive step towards it. Therefore, there is need for children to learn to love the good; religion would play an active role in facilitating this learning. Therefore, though the two writers had similar sentiments, their differences were on how cosmopolitanism had to be approached. The former advocated for an outward -Inward approach, while the latter advocated for an inward-outward orientation. ...
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