Women’s Spirituality: the Biblical figure of Sarah.

Women’s Spirituality: the Biblical figure of Sarah. Research Paper example
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This paper examines the importance of the figure of Sarah (also called Sarai and Sara), who appears in various ancient scriptures including the Hebrew Bible and the Quran as the wife of Abraham.


Three separate approaches are taken in order to tease out the different dimensions of meaning that attach to this complex character. First there is an examination of her origins and the incestuous terms of her marriage to Abraham. Secondly there is a study of the miraculous birth of her son Isaac and the difficult issue of her role in relation to Abraham’s second wife Hagar. The there are tensions in this relationship both in terms of the customs of that ancient time, and in terms of modern moral and spiritual interpretations. Thirdly there is a brief exploration of the meaning that Sarah has in later times, with reference to feminist theories. This essay concludes with a summary of why Sarah’s is one of the most significant women figures in the Hebrew Bible. Sarah’s origins and marriage to Abraham Sarah is introduced in the Hebrew Bible as Abraham’s half-sister and at first she bears the name Sarai. They share the same father, but they each have a different mother. ...
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