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Incarnation and the Cross 1.0. Introduction The Incarnation and the Cross-are truths permeating the human life and the human condition. These truths are greater than humanity itself.1 However, this does not imply that it cannot be articulated upon or touched as humanity continues to the challenges posed by the enigma of the Incarnation and the Cross.


”4 In trying to address the question “Who do you say that I am?” the researcher draws from various scholarly discussions pertinent to the subject matter of the research and from there try to understand the Incarnation and the Cross as the way to answer the question. However, as the Incarnation and the Cross have been discussed since the inception of Christianity, which have resulted into voluminous works on these mysteries, the research limits its attention on the discourse of the Incarnation and the Cross from the articulations of the anawim of the contemporary period - women and racial groups who have been relegated in the periphery of faith. Their voices will be the main sources of answer to the primordial question of the research Who do you say that I am? The research will be having the following structure. The first part is the introduction wherein the focal ideas and question of the study is presented. ...
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