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Name Instructor Course Date Analyzing the Book "Night" Faith in God Elizer was a product of the Jewish mysticism, where he learned that God is a supreme being and lives everywhere. He also learnt that there is nothing that exists without God’s invention, as everything in the world is a reflection of the will of God.


From this, faith in God is a dominant conflict in Night in relation with Eliezer’s experience. In the beginning of the narration, it is evident that the Elizer’s faith is God is quite strong as compared to his later life. This is because he believes that God is unconditional; therefore, he cannot think of a life without him. However, everything changes after the whole experience with the Nazi and the Holocaust (Wiesel 45). The faith in Elizer is highly shaken by the cruelty and evil as he witnessed the Holocaust. This is in reference with the undertaking in the concentration camps. He thought that this cruelty could in away reflect divinity, as he wondered how a merciful God would allow such things to take place, yet he had the power to control the whole world. His faith for God is also compromised by the cruelty and animosity among prisoners. This is in relation to their selfish acts, which exposed their fellow prisoners to compromising circumstances. The worst of them all was the treatment of prisoners by the Nazis. He could not understand how this reflected the will of God yet he fully believed that God was good thus did good to everyone. This thought was interpreted in a way that he did not expect evil to prevail in existence of God. The whole experience made him lose his faith for God as he did not get to know why a powerful God would entertain evil and cruelty. ...
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