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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Moses and Jesus There are comparable aspects in the lives as well as views of Moses and Jesus on diverse issues. The rulers of the Israelites at a time of birth of the two leaders were different. The birth of the two occurred at times when the Israelites were under two distinct regimes of rule.


The birth of Moses came under the oppressive rule experienced by the Israelites while serving as workers in Egypt. They were under Pharaoh2. The aspect of external powers (Not Israelite rulers) that controlled Israelites at their births makes their lives different. The two leaders’ births occurred during oppressive regimes of the leaders controlling the Israelites at the different moments. During the birth of Jesus there was a decree running that ordered the oppression of all male new born children, should they be males. The decree was among the reasons as to why the information on the birth of Jesus remained secretive to many. The birth of Jesus, therefore, occurred at a time when there was fear of the possibility that the child may face the law and, therefore, subjected to death at a young age. After the birth of Jesus, his parents had to find avenues of hiding the child to avoid the child from facing the wrath of the law that required that he dies at a young age, being a male child and a Jew3. The birth of Moses, likewise, occurred under circumstances when the regime was oppressive to male Israelites who were just born. The mother of Moses feared that the child would be killed4 because of the oppressive regime of pharaohs that required that all boy children born to the Israelites face death at a tender age. ...
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