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Taoist beliefs are a way of life including ways of your daily activities i.e. meditation, breathing, diet, use of natural materials. Taoism is all about staying aligned with the natural and basic way of life which the humans have gotten far away from, it’s about the natural cycle of our life system and planet. Both Taoist and Confucian beliefs share the same meaning, they have co-existed in China for over 2000 years. Both of these started as philosophies and turned into religious beliefs. The difference between Taoism and Confucianism is that one relates itself with the search of meaning and the other guides through social matters respectively. 2) Compare and contrast the four schools of Japanese Buddhism we examined in class (Pure Land of Honen and Shinran, Nichiren Buddhism, and Zen) with regard to the issue of self-power (jiriki) and other-power (tariki).  Discuss the implications of each school's position in relation to religious practice and attitude toward human possibilities in the age of mappo. Pure Land Buddhism is the concept of Honen, a religious reformer. ...Show more


Questions and Answers – Religions of the East Author Institution Part A 1) The question of human nature and proper governance is central to the religions of China.  Write an essay exploring the positions of the Confucians and Taoists on this particular issue, highlighting the differences and their implications.  The texts we read from the Confucian and Taoist traditions are rich in images; these should be employed to provide vivid examples of the various positions…
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On proper governance, Taoists advocate for removal of laws for people to be honest. Laws make people rebellious, bound, and uncontrollable thus making governance very hectic. Confucians focus on humanness, which is remaining loyal to one’s exact nature, being pitiful (Juergensmeyer, 70).
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Confucius changed this to be within the power of the individual, not just the right of the ruling class. According to Confucius, virtue is in relationship to honoring elders. Honoring elders is associated with honoring culture, which might be a way of the continuation of honoring the past.
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It is not foreigners only who seem to pay the most attention to Confucius. Even the Chinese themselves do. For instance, the government of the Peoples Republic has established culture centers abroad and christened them ‘Confucius Institutes’. However, the rapid growth of the Chinese economy among other factors has ensured that China is always under the microscope.
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In another words, they believed that “Tao is the universal law of nature” (Ivanhoe & Norden 165). Scholars claim that these philosophers shared many similar concepts regarding the philosophy of Tao. But though these philosophers commonly believed so, they differ from each other to a great extent.
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Mencius and Laozi have different ideas and philosophies on how people ought to live. For instance, in governance, and role of leaders, Mencius takes a radical stand whereby he supports the involvement of the masses in a political process, and if leaders are tyrants, then the best option is to overthrow their leadership.
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In his interpretation of Confucius, Mencius focused his attention on the dignity of human life as the only way to transform the society. He also highlighted that living immoral life was as a result of inability to influence the human character. Mencius taught on the need for acquiring knowledge through studying books and strives to achieve life experience.
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Besides being a rationalist thinker who forcefully argued for the importance of ritual, he also laid great impact on education, self-cultivation, statecraft and formal ritual. His contradicting theory with Mencius that human nature is evil made him popular as a Confucian thinker of the classical period.
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religion in virtually every human society and civilization has been found through archaeological discoveries and anthropological observations made in recent times (Shepard 408). The beliefs of Romans in different forms of Gods, the practice of burying human beings after their
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