"Trokosi" As Modern-Day Slavery in Africa - Research Paper Example

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"Trokosi" As Modern-Day Slavery in Africa

Trokosi" As Modern-Day Slavery in Africa

However, the girls are mistreated, and there are restricted to interact with others, thereby providing sex and labor to the priest. On the other hand, they are denied to access education, ample food and health services. In fact, they live in a harsh condition in a way that defines the slavery under the constitution of Ghana and slavery convention. Nevertheless, the paper will focus on exploring the issues associated to Trokosi as a modern form of slavery in Africa, whereby various issues associated with this form of slavery will be explored. The paper will also discuss effort made through reforms in order to alleviate the problem faced by these girls. Therefore, the paper will begin by discussing Trokosi practice based on the data gathered from different literatures in order to offer a basis of understanding the issue. The paper proceeds by offering relevant background information on the issue in order to facilitate the understanding the issues in a reliable way. In the next section, the paper will focus on exploring the reforms and challenges faced in the process of alleviating the problem. Moreover, the paper will focus on exploring the practice of trokosi in the Ghanaian context since it is one of the African countries severely been affected by this problem. Another form of opposition to the process eliminating trokosi practice emanates from people with the perception of the process being an attack to against their religious beliefs. ...
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Trokosi is an insidious form of slavery, which is based on religious traditions that are practiced in Ghana, Nigeria, Togo and Benin, despite the prohibition through their constitutions and other international parties…
Author : aniyahirthe

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