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Paul’s argument regards the law interpretation from both the Christ’s discipleship and ordinary person’s perspectives. He contended those in Christ die to the law, which is contrary to the unbelievers or earthly pagans.


This is contrary to the unbelievers who are slaves of the law; hence, all their earthly undertakings put them “under the law” (Romans 6:15). According to Paul, humanity does not become righteous through adhering to the statutes, but by accepting Christ where one has to die into sin. This is because God’s elect are not subject to the law and it only addresses those who are unbelievers. Paul mentions Abraham as an example of righteous people where the creator addressed him because of his incomparable faith in Him, but not keeping the law (Romans 3:28). Therefore, Paul utilizes this perspective regarding law and grace to counteract numerous arguments, which Pharisees claimed the new converts were not observing. These entailed rules that governed foods and other traditions meant to gauge people’s moral standards. ...
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