Review of Hart's Atheist Delusions

Review of Hart
Religion and Theology
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Name Professor Religion and Theology Date Review of Hart’s Atheist Delusions Hart explored indistinct religious histories, which are offered by modern critics of religion such as Dawkins Richard and Hitchens Christopher, who are also considered as supporters of atheism.


Therefore, this paper is a review of Hart’s Atheist Delusions, whereby each section of the book will be reviewed. The book gives an outline concerning the transformation of Christianity during the ancient world through ways that have been forgotten such as liberalization from fatalism, presenting substantial dignity on human beings, challenging the features of cruelty in pagan society and elevation of charity above the qualities. Hart also establishes an argument concerning the term “Age of Reason,” which is considered the initiation of authority to be a cultural value. Moreover, the thesis in this book is concise, whereby it explores the misrepresentation of Christianity history during the New Atheists and the positive effect on the world’s culture. The first section of the book entails an assessment of the new “gospel of unbelief” and supporters, which is preceded by a question rose on the central principles implying that the world has facilitated modernity. The book seeks to establish whether the world can be a better place thought the modernist doctrine, absolute human autonomy, which is embraced by a substantial stability. The next section of the book entails a direct challenge to the modernity through a rewrite of the Christianity history, and an assessment of the cultural struggle between the rivalry from the pagans and growing Christianity faith. ...
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