Montaigne in his Apology for Raymond Sebond

Montaigne in his Apology for Raymond Sebond Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Montaigne in his apology for Raymond Sebond The essays of Michel de Montaigne were one of the most fundamental and influential texts during the era of early modern philosophy. His work became a source of skepticism that was exhibited by writers such as, Descartes and Locke.


He hoped to gain a morally salutary impact on the non-philosophic members of the society (Montaigne 371). He continued to indicate that philosophers were teaching various ludicrous doctrines about the human soul and the gods, which they did not clearly understand. He posited that the philosophers spoke in earnest on such matters, and in the process, they concealed their ignorance so as to accommodate public image. His essay was created with an aim of supporting and defending Christianity. He quoted Plato’s statements on immorality of the soul. In his arguments, Plato stated that, “I desire to be dissolved”, and Montaigne added, “and to be with Jesus”. Montaigne sought to indicate how philosophers can be pervasive in their teachings. He demonstrated that some of Plato’s arguments made some of his disciples to desire premature grave, because they hoped to enjoy the things that he had promised them soon enough. He compared the work of ancient philosophers and Christianity with the aim of teaching that human beings cannot attain certainty. In the introduction of skeptic arguments, Montaigne quoted the work of Plato. In the ancient world, the skeptics, just like Plato, aimed at striking a difference between appearance and reality. ...
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