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Religion and Theology
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Religion Buddhism is one of the popular religions in the world. Being the fourth largest religious group, it has gained status worldwide. It is known for its focus on personal as well as spiritual development. Believers are commonly associated with profound reflections.


The belief’s name came from the word “Buddha” which means “the enlightened one”. He was able to achieve this after meditating under the Bodhi tree. After this monumental event, Buddha was able to have a band of followers and he started teaching the path towards awakening. “The Four Noble Truths” are fundamental to Buddhism. These are: “dukkha” or suffering, its origins, the path to stop it, and the truth regarding the path to stop it. This leads to the Eightfold path which is the way to freedom that was mentioned in the fourth noble truth. The path has three main divisions: wisdom, ethical conduct, and concentration. Specifically, the eight pathways state that one should have the right view, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration. Buddhists believe that reality should be viewed as how it actually is and not how it seems to be. There should also be an intention of repudiation of materialism as well as nonviolence and freedom. Believers should speak in peaceful and truthful ways. Actions should be shown in diplomatic ways. A livelihood must be chosen basing on its nonviolent characteristics. Individuals should have ample effort to progress. The mind should be very much aware of the present and not shrouded with hatred. Lastly, proper meditation must be practiced. One of the Buddhism Temples in Massachusetts is located in Boston. ...
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