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Mullins' Doctrine of Sin [Name] [University] Table of Contents Mullins' Doctrine of Sin Introduction Edgar Young Mullins (1860-1928) has been described as one of the most important theologians and "statesmen" in Southern Baptist life.1,2 Although important Baptist leaders such as B.


Fisher Humphreys identified three theological issues that Mullins faced during his career:4 the tradition of staunch Calvinism held by Mullins's predecessors at Southern Seminary,5 the Landmark Baptist interpretation of Baptist history, and the Fundamentalist-Modernist controversy. Mullins wrote numerous articles and books on a variety of subjects.6 In his first work, The Axioms of Religion, Mullins alluded to the doctrine of original sin in his discussion concerning the inappropriateness of infant baptism. However, his argument against infant baptism did not consist of a denial of original sin or even an interpretation of it. ...
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