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Christian Service Paper Table of Contents Thesis Statement 3 Role at the Service Site 3 Initial Expectations and Alterations in the Viewpoints 3 Benefits of Christian Work 5 Surprises in the Christian Service Involvement 5 Change in the Understanding of the Community 6 Continuing Involvement 6 Raise Awareness about the Group 7 Most Difficult or Satisfying Aspects of My Work 7 Successes of the Project 8 Reflecting Values through Community Work 8 Uncomfortable Feelings 9 The Prayer 9 Work Cited 10 Thesis Statement This paper aims at providing a personal account of my experiences after participating in the Christian Services community from an in-depth perspective, taking various factors into con


Initial Expectations and Alterations in the Viewpoints My initial expectations from the role in service site were highly influenced by the example of various social leaders. When joining Christian Services, I also expected a certain degree of spiritual satisfaction when serving the community with the sole motive of social welfare, apart from economic value obtainment. I also expected the job to be less challenging than the other tasks related with community welfare through non-profit firms. However, once I started working in Christian Services, I realized that even though the task comprised unambiguous responsibilities and a determined work process, the role presented significant challenges in terms of a varied range of the data obtained through the questionnaires used. ...
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